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Thread: 2001 Tundra, color - Desert Sand

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    2001 Tundra, color - Desert Sand

    This is my first post. Great to be with other detailers. I am a novice detailer. I have a 2001 Toyota Tundra that I recently purchased. It was in rough shape when I bought it. I had a significant amount of oxidation. I clay bared the truck first. I am not sure if I did that properly. Any advice in that regard would be greatly appreciated. Next I used V36. However during the application my orange cutting pad broke so I finished with the white pad. I am going to redo the entire truck this weekend with the orange pad as I ordered 4 more. I have a bottle of V38 as well as a bottle of Revise Glaze and Polish. After the V36 this weekend I am ready to go to the next step. I also just ordered a tub of XXX Wax. This is an old beater truck so I am using more as a test to hone my skills for the next project. Any advice on how to proceed with the truck would be greatly appreciated.
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