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Thread: Front bumper help

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    Front bumper help

    How do you restore a front bumper that has micro pits from rocks and other things on the road that hit the front bumper? I also noticed I have the same "pitting" marks on my headlights. Any thoughts?


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    Front bumper help

    Have you confirmed that the 05-07 grille will fit fine? Pictures Ive seen with this bumper and that grille show an unsightly gap between the bumper and headlights

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    Front bumper help

    Looks great I wonder how that will work on cars with the front air dam though. Ive been meaning to do this to one of mine for a while now.

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    Front bumper help

    you could probably bend back the bumper mount , find out which one is bent take the bumper off . as far as the plastic bumper. not so sure how to bend it back.

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