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Thread: Question on wax?

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    Question on wax?

    I've been thinking about trying a new wax for my visa blue mustang when spring comes. Here's a few that I'm kinda interested in and would like to know which one allows water sheeting?

    Pete's 53 sheeting or beading how long will it last

    Lava sheeting or beading how long will it last

    black wax sheeting or beading how long will it last

    or is there another wax that I don't have listed that will sheet the water off?

    If jet seal lets water sheet off and I use a wax that makes the water bead up on top would it bead?

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    Pete's is great, works well with paint that have pearls and metallics. I recommend sealing first with Jet Seal. These two combo is amazing. There is a kit on the Chemical Guys website and I think Amazon has it as well.

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    My experience has been that if you're looking to use CG products and want sheeting stick with a sealant. Jetseal,Blitz and Activate all have allowed water to sheet.

    When I've used waxes, 50/50, Pete's 53, Butter Wet, and Extreme Depth + X Seal I've found water to bead. Of those waxes I noted, 50/50 lasted the longest followed very closely by Pete's 53. I apply Jetseal once a year and top it with wax.

    Pete's 53 is pretty amazing stuff.

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