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Thread: Removing dealership decal?

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    Removing dealership decal?

    What is the best way to remove dealership decals from paint?
    Thank you

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    If it is a sticker: Heat, Goo Gone, microfiber and a plastic scraping tool.

    If it is a badge: Heat, slip fishing line behind badge to separate from car, Goo Gone, microfiber, plastic scraping tool.

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    I got lucky, removed mine a week after I bought my car. you could park the rear of your car facing the sun one day at work, by the time you go out to leave the sun should heated the cars surface as well as the badges enough to peel off with your fingers. I took a hair dryer and dental floss to mine. little no nonsense cleaner on the surface afterwards and all is good

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    I hate it when dealers use decal to brand the store. Yes, heat will normally do the trick to help release the adhesive from the panel. Any residue, I like to use a little bit of Butter Wet Wax with a microfiber towel. This normally does the trick.

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