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Thread: Detailing for Ceramic Coating

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    Detailing for Ceramic Coating

    So I bought a cermic coating that I will be putting on myself. I have a black Yukon Denali and its just a lease so I didnt want to drop a lot of cash on a professional ceramic coat. So I bought one to put on myself just to try it out and hope it adds a little more protection than just jet seal.

    My question is: Do I go through the full steps of a detail like I norally would? (after swirls are removed I put on Blacklight than put on a coat of Jetseal). Or do I not put on a glaze at all, just get the swirls out and clean everything off and then put the coating on?

    I had purchased opti coat a while back to put on my Sierra, it was already swirl free so I just wiped it down with solution and put the opti coat on. I didnít really like how it came out. Either I screwed up when applying it or maybe just didnt apply enough... but I donít want to do that again and my Yukon needs a full detail so I want to donit correctly from the beginning.

    Let me know what experience you guys have or thoughts on it. Thanks!

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    Remove any imperfection you wish. Do not apply any glaze, wax or sealant, Just apply the coating but make sure to follow instructions and make sure surface is not hot or coating will flash quickly making it streak or hard to remove. Too cold to too hot temperature are not ideal for coating application. Always test in small area first. Good luck.

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    So a glaze wouldnt help with bringing out more shine on the car before applying the ceramic coating? Or does a glaze only help when it is kept on the car? Obviously I would wipe the car down with alcohol to clean everything off before I apply the coating.

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    Yep, glazes that I know of only makes sense if it's on the surface.

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    Nothing should be in between your coating and your paint. After wash, clay and full paint correction, you should wipe down the entire surface with CG WipeOut Surface Cleaner. It is the best at removing wax and polishing oils.

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    Most coating are stand alone product. Coating or no coating, you will always have imperfections from washing, you can never get around it. There is no magic potion that prevents scratches, swirls or wash marks. For my personal cars, I use a glaze like Black Light and to off with a good wax like 50/50 after polishing.

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