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Thread: Polishing the windshield?

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    Polishing the windshield?

    When I'm driving my car on sunny days or at night when the sun light or the headlights on cars hit the windshield I see x's cause of the swirls in the glass any idea on removing them so I don't have any glare? Here's a picture looking out of the windshield IMG_20161108_163310969_HDR.jpg see how the sun light hits the windshield

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    It's tricky to remove scratches and swirls on windshield. Needs a special cutting compound, cutting pad and buffer. If not done right, the windshield will have a haze. I recommend finding a professional that does this for a living.

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    Polishing the windshield

    In the last 10 years out of the cars I remember owning Ive had it done to atleast 8 or 9 cars. All have been done with 50 on windshield, first time I tried a 35 because thats what was available and ripped it off the next day. 50 is perfect I recommend it to all my friends and they like it too. I might redo the SS with a 35 3M or if I can find for a good deal id like to try the 40 3M crystalline.

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    Polishing the windshield

    Scott I have almost completed a RV 12 and I will be polishing some of the aircraft. Can you tell me what number you started with and your method please

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