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Thread: First real detail

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    First real detail

    Finally got to do a full detail of my parents car. My dad washes this car every weekend but never uses a real wax, just the spray on quick detailer. He brought it over at about 8 and we got started. I for got to do before pictures. I used Mr. Pink soap in a foam gun, followed up by applying some v34 to some bird poop stains. Applied jet seal and after letting it sit for about 30 minutes wiped clean and used butter wet wax. VRP was used on the tires right before he left. Let me know if I did something wrong or any regular tips and tricks that I donít know 7644984B-2518-4D79-80EB-CF361A6E1161.jpg

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    Looks good. Machine or hand? I love Japanese paint.

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    Just read, you tube is a great resource just trust your gut when you think your watching BS. I would ask questions from good reliable sources and don't fall into the latest greatest thing when it comes to products. Detailing is 90% technique 10% product. Don't be brand loyal you will close yourself off to many possibilities. Start off slow don't buy a ton of things get the best you can afford. Some of the cheapest products can work just as well if not better then the most expensive. Look at detailing products as tools to get you to the finish line it's just which one's do it faster. Sometimes getting there faster is not the best especially when you are starting out.

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