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Thread: 2016 Homesteader Fury trailer gets full detail

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    2016 Homesteader Fury trailer gets full detail

    2016 Homesteader Fury trailer
    This is my trailer that I bought used in April. I use it for mobile detailing, but I have not yet had a chance to detail the trailer! Today was the day.

    1800 psi electric power washer
    Extendable pole microfiber RV wash
    Blue microfiber wash mitt
    Nanoskin Fine Wash Mitt

    Video of my extendable MF mitt (RV roof mitt)


    Meguiar's Gel Wash and CG Orange Degreaser

    CG Grime Reaper

    McKee's Black Streak Remover

    Diablo Wheel Cleaner, TufShine tire cleaner, Meguiar's Hot Shine Foam, CG Max Coat Wheel Guard

    Porter Cable 7424XP dual action polisher, Flex PE14-2 rotary polisher, CH Hex Logic Quantum orange pads, blue pads, and black pads, Force 5.5" orange pads, CG Synthetic Quick Detailer, CG WipeOut Surface Cleaner, Marine 31 Gel Coat Final Step Polish, McKee's 37 High Def Paint Sealant, Collinite 845 wax, TRC Wizard towels

    Before pics. Lots of bug guts and black streaks. The black streaks come from the metal and the allen screws on the metal panels.

    Black streaks

    Video of pressure washer NOT removing black streaks

    Before pic of wheel

    Before pic of metal

    I used the 1800 psi and a foam cannon to spray Meguiar's Gel Wash foam all over the trailer. I cleaned the wheels with CG Diablo Wheel Cleaner and TufShine tire cleaner. After the wash, I foamed it again and used the Nanoskin Light Clay Mitt to remove the above surface bonded contaminants. Rinsed and dried with Chemical Guys waffle weave drying towels.

    Then it was time to polish. I used CG Synthetic Quick Detailer as pad conditioner. I polished the panels with the Flex PE 14-2 rotary polisher becasue of the hardness of the paint, and the fact that it won't cause holograms on trailer panels. Running the Flex at about 1800 rpm, the panels did not even get warm.

    The Marine 31 Gel Coat FInal Polish was a pleasant surprise. It had a long working time and pretty much no dusting. The panels had no swirls on them, and only needed a light polishing, but because the paint is so hard on trailers, I used a Chemical Guys Hex Logic Quantum 6" orange pad and Force 5.5" orange pads to polish.

    I followed the polishing with a wipedown of Chemical Guys WipeOut surface cleaner. I think WipeOut is CG's best product. I followed that with McKee's 37 Hig Def Paint Sealant applied with the PC 7424 and a CG Hex Logic Quantum 6" blue pad. This sealant went on smoothly and wiped off after 15 minutes very easily. I finished it off with Collinite 845 wax applied with a CG Hex Logic Quantum 6" black pad. I set the Collinite in the sun and it became liquid and very easy to apply. I cleaned up the pads with Chemical Guys Pad Cleaner, in my opinion, their second best product.

    Pro tip: Polish metal before you polish panels. The metal is made of a zinc alloy (?) or something so it has a black tarnish on it. Polishing the metal first keeps that black stuff off of the paint and your pads.

    Dirt from metal

    I then used CG Light Metal Polish applied with a CG black applicator and removed with Autogeek 80/20 grey towels, that I got from Autogeek as a bonus for sending me 2 of the same mystery boxes .

    I sealed the wheels with CG Max Coat Wheel Guard. This paste is bright green so I used gloves to avoid staining my hands. I waited 15 minutes and then removed with an Autogeek black 80/20, China made towel that I got in a mystery box wheel kit. I sprayed the tires with Meguiar's Hot Shine Foam, the easiest and best tire shine for consumer vehicles, IMHO.

    After pic of wheel

    After pic of wheel close up

    The after pics:

    After panel

    After back

    After reflection

    After side

    After other side

    I learned a lot on this job, and I think i will be able to apply the things I learned to my customer's RVs and trailers! Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for following along!
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