it's towards the tail end of summer, where I live but it's still high 90's, and it's just come off some 100 degree plus days. I don't have a climate controlled garage but try to wait till evening when the weather has cooled down a little and the car paint isn't warm anymore. When I'm polishing, I've been using the Flex XC 3401 VRG, and after just a few seconds of buffing, the polish is caking up and the Flex is actually spitting out little chunks of dried compound. I've tried adding a little more lubrication to the pad to hopefully luibricate the pad and compound a bit more, as the pad is also getting quite warm. Any ideas what my issue may be and possible fixes? I've also been using my torq 10fx, for smaller panel areas and it seems to work a little bit better though the polish seems like it's still drying up after a little bit of usage.