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Thread: My girlfriend said I have a problem

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    My girlfriend said I have a problem

    So today I went to home depot to look at a pressure washer. Once I got there they had 3 gas powered Ryobi gas powered pressure washer on clearance so naturally I took a look at them. I picked up a 2800psi Honda powered Ryobi pressure washer for $230 on clearance that was going for 300. I was talking to my girlfriend shortly after and said I need a foam cannon. I ordered one today and told her about it. So I then proceeded to tell her all I need now is the Torq 10FX and a shopvac. She laughs at me and said I should get some help and stop wasting my money.. This is all after I bought her a Canon T6 camera that she has no idea about. So do I return the camera and buy the two things i need or just hold off and surprise her with a gift. She's into photography and I'm into nice clean cars. Thats one heck of a business idea. Want pictures of your car call us for a detail and photo session.

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    Adam: like the age-old saying goes, "Happy wife, happy life". In your case, happy girlfriend. That is a helluva business idea! You got to show us the first photos when it does happen.

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