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Thread: The good and the bad shopping experience

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    The good and the bad shopping experience

    A month ago I met up with an old friend of mine and we got into the conversation of car detailing. After we met I started doing some research on the topic and decided I would pursue this as a side hobby. I wanted to piece together the essentials I would need to get my cars detailed. Part of my research was looking into polishers. He suggested we go to Chemical Guys in Mississauga to get some hands on with what was offered. There was a demo station were we could try out some compounds with different polishers. The sales girl was knowledgeable and very helpful. After trying out some polishers I was leaning toward buying a Torq 10FX verses some clone off shore unit. Some of them were getting good reviews. After the polisher demo we got some great information from one of the sales guys on the floor on the different chemicals and tools available. While on the CG website I saw they had a polisher package that included 3 pads and 4 tester size compounds. For my purposes I wanted the 3 pads but I was not interested in the 4 small bottles. Again I was more interested in essentials verses nice to have. I figured I would rather buy the 16oz bottles and get the extreme compound, a polish and a wax and skip the in between items. It is not difficult to get out of hand buying different compounds, polishes, 2 in 1s etc. I called the store and they said the only substitution with the package deal is to change the 4 x 4oz bottles to the 16oz bottles. Unfortunately that doesn't work for me. I noticed they only sell the 3 pad pack in the package deal and when I tried to buy them separately one of the pads was out of stock. At this point I am not interested in mix and match pads from different companies. I am not looking to get stuff for free but when I am spending a few hundred dollars in one shot I would think there would be some incentive.

    While I was on the website I noticed there were freebies depending on the value you spend. Rather than place an order on line I decided to drop by the store at lunch today which is a 15 minute drive. I picked up the polisher and and some chemicals and spoke to the women at the cash as no one else was around. I am spending around $350 and when I asked about the free gift the women says that offer is for on-line orders. My shopping spree ended there. So I am spending a few hundred dollars, saved Chemical Guys from paying my shipping fee, took up no extra time from the sales person and get declined the "freebie."

    Call me crazy but it just puts a bad taste in your mouth. Needless to say after this experience I decided to go on line and spend a few hundred dollars with a competitor to buy a complete set of pads, towels, soap, buckets, polish, wax etc etc. That is money Chemical Guys could have had if your sales people spend the time understanding what your customers need before they decline putting together a package deal or a freebie you have posted on your website.

    I am sure I will be happy with the product I did buy but I just wanted to leave some feedback on my shopping experience. There is definitely room for improvement guys.
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    Its the little things that kill a business....

    They must sell enough stuff that they dont really worry about individuals. I buy a LOT of product. I have other vendors who bend over backwards for me. Send me free samples to try and review. Killer discounts. I like Chemical Guys products. They really need some folks like Meghan over at Autogeek who provide outstanding personal service.

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    If the sales person spent a minute asking what I needed it probably would have been a positive outcome. If they didn't have the authority to put a package deal together for me than get a manager who can. It is the customer that keeps you in business. My buddy has purchased from this store in the past he has received little freebies or samples with only a $50 purchase. In all honesty I don't really care for a freebie although I would not complain if I received something for free. I was planning to spend hundreds of dollars to buy everything I needed for detailing and was turned down to change a package deal and on a $20 freebie I would have received had I placed an order on line. If I placed the order one line they would have paid the shipping charge. Instead, take the $20 freebie and the shipping fee and give me 10% off a volume purchase. Something like that would keep me coming back.

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