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Thread: 2002 Lexus SC430 with clear coat failure: Using voodoo

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    2002 Lexus SC430 with clear coat failure: Using voodoo

    2002 Lexus SC430

    Customer brought me this 2002 Lexus SC430. He had taken it to a local detailer who charged him $150 to detail the car. When he picked it up, he didn't feel they had done a good job. SO he brought it to me. This customer is a well known guy in town and he's a friendly, talkative guy. I pulled out all the stops for this car because I feel this customer will give me some good references. I used my AutoSpector app to create an estimate for my Premium Auto Service $350. I emailed the estimate to the customer along with a coupon I created for $50 off.

    Extreme swirling

    deep scratches, oxidation, water spots,

    clear coat failure on roof

    clear coat failure on trunk

    Hazy headlights

    Interior was clean but worn and tired.

    Chemical Guys Citrus Wash & Gloss
    Chemical Guys Orange Degreaser
    Chemical Guys RInse Free Wash & Shine
    McKee's Xtreme Iron Remover
    Stoner Tarminator
    Chemical Guys Diablo Wheel & Tire Cleaner
    Gyeon WetCoat sealant
    Bilt Hamber Auto Clay Medium
    Meguiar's Mirror Glaze 7 Show Car Glaze
    Chemical Guys Sprayable Leather Cleaner
    McKee's All in One Leather Lotion
    Chemical Guys Bare Bones for tire dressing
    Meguiar's Plastic Cleaner
    3M sandpaper 1200, 2000 grit
    Chemical Guys Sticky sandpaper 3500 grit
    Chemical Guys EcoSmart Waterless Wash
    Chemical Guys Pad Conditioner
    Chemical Guys V32 polish
    Meguiar's Mirror Glaze 17 Plastic Cleaner
    Meguiar's Mirror Glaze 10 Clear Plastic Polish
    Chemical Guys M-Seal sealant
    Meguiar's D151 Paint Reconditioning Cream
    Wolfgang Uber Compound
    Adam's All Purpose Cleaner
    Chemical Guys Streak Free Glass Cleaner
    Chemical Guys WipeOut Surface Cleaner
    Chemical Guys Fabric Clean
    Chemical Guys Black Light glaze
    Chemical Guys Jet Seal sealant
    Blackfire Midnight Sun Ivory Carnauba Paste Wax
    Sonax Car Breeze
    Chemical Guys Stripper Scent
    Chemical Guys Hex Logic Pads
    Cyclo 4" pads

    The Belt
    Shop Vac
    Viking Wheel Stick
    3M sanding block
    Chemical Guys Sticky sanding block
    Flex PE 14-2 rotary buffer
    Cyclo Pro 5 dual action orbital polisher
    Porter Cable 7424XP dual action polisher
    Theragcompany Wizards, Everests, and Edgeless Eagles towels

    Not perfect, but better.

    Crystal clear headlights.

    Sanded headlights with 1200, 2000 and 3000 grit sandpaper. Compounded with the rotary, 3" backing plate, orange pad and Chem Guys V32. Polished with white pad and Meguiar's Mirror Glaze 10 Clear Plastic Polish. Cleaned with Chem Guys WipeOut. Sealed with Chem Guys M-Seal.

    Compounded with Uber Compound, orange pad and the rotary. polished with Megs D151, white pad and Cyclo Pro 5. Chemical Guys Black Light glaze, blue pad, PC7424. Chemical Guys Jet Seal, blue pad, PC7424. Hand applied Blackfire Midnight Sun ivory carnauba wax and Chemical Guys red wax applicator.

    In order to address the clear coat failure on the roof and trunk, I soaked the roof and trunk with Meguiar's Mirror Glaze 7 Show Car Glaze to moisturize the clear coat failure before polishing. I polished the clear coat failed areas with only the all in one polish, Megs D151, without removing the Megs Show Car Glaze. Megs Show Car Glaze has old fashioned polishing oils. It came out great! Whitish look of clear coat failure is gone.

    Chem Guys Bare Bone undercarriage spray on the tires. Gyeon WetCoat sealant on wheels.

    Cleaned leather

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    Kirk, all respect to you because that Lexus needed some serious work. The paintwork was completely trashed and that client has to be thanking his lucky stars that he didn't wait any longer for that oxidation to get worse and become irreversible. You did bring out the voodoo my friend because that change was drastic. Cheers! Btw, if you don't mind me asking, how long was this job?

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    That car looks spectacular. Nice work.

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    Great job, I was cringing at car condition. I'm also interested in how long and I am understanding $ 300.00? What a deal and a half at that price! I would certainly charged $ 500.00 or more. You used a lot of product,technology and man power, it looks like. Kudo's to you.

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    Yes I put more effort into this vehicle because the customer is a guy who will tell EVERYONE. I had 5 hours in this job. Normally this price level would have been $500, but I feel I will get more business from this one.
    Rotary buffers make this job much faster.

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