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Thread: Hello from Texas!

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    Hello from Texas!

    Hi, I just signed up a week ago. Now that I am able to post I wanted to introduce my self. I'm from Austin Texas. I've heard about Chemical Guys but never tried it before. I going to pick up my self a mystery bucket to try out different products and go from there. I cant wait to try them out.

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    Welcome to the Chemical Guys family, Sportsfan! I'm so excited for you to learn and fall in love with detailing. It truly becomes something that you become passionate about and you'll be finding yourself waiting until the next detailing session. The mystery bucket is great to start off with. As a personal experience, my first products were Mr. Pink Car Wash Soap, Clay Block with Clay Luber, Black Light, and P40 Quick Detail Spray. Keep us updated, we'd love to hear your journey!

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    Hey man Im sure you will enjoy the product! I have just ordered my 4th mystery bucket today with some other products and cant wait for it all to show up. Amazing products and everyone comments on how well their cars look after I'm done with them. Such a variety of products for all kinds of budget!

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