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Thread: What tunes do you listen to while detailing?

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    What tunes do you listen to while detailing?

    What's a couple of your favorite tracks you like to detail to?

    I'll provide a couple of tracks I really jam out to while out on a enduring detail task.

    We Built This City - Starship
    Fox On The Run - Sweet
    Only God Can Judge Me - Tupac
    Looks That Kill - Motley Crue
    Nighttrain - Guns N' Roses
    Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond
    It's Only Rock N' Roll - The Rolling Stones
    Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry
    Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash
    Ain't No Rest For The Wicked - Cage The Elephant

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    Some of my favorites are
    All my rowdy friends (are coming over tonight)- hank williams jr
    Madness - All That Remains
    512- Lamb of God (not christian rock!)
    Love listening to Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Hank williams, Jr, and III, I could go on for days this is just a few of my favs right now

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    Loving it dude! What Johnny Cash tunes are usually your go-to songs?

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    I listen to a lot of Good Ole GD and Widespread Panic. I've got so many to choose from lol. I made some Best Of Playlists from the last few Panic tours and rip through those. They can take a good while.

    As for me, ANY Cash is good stuff, the man was amazing! If you like the old school country, I highly recommend checking out a couple of newer guys that are damn good. Chris Stapleton and Sturgill Simpson. Modern day old school country. Great stuff.

    A real treat for you Cash, Nelson and Waylon fans would be to look for The Highwaymen. Those three and Kristofferson play together. So cool!

    I also like to listen to Creedence, The Stones, Bob Seger, Tedeschi Trucks, Allman Brothers to name a few more. Probably many, many more I'm forgetting.

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    Some of the go-to songs are cocaine blues, folsom prison, and ghost riders. Gotta love the oldies!

    Some new tunes that have been thrown into the mix are Last Serenade from killswitch engage, and anything from Iron Maiden

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