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Thread: Carbon Flex C9

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    I would definitely recommend the Torq over the PC. The PC will beat you to death, but it is cheap and it does work. If you can invest more on a polisher, do so. I have a stable of polishers LOL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaybo41 View Post
    Thanks for your input Kirk, it has been helpful. So I still haven't applied the C9 coatings yet, but thinking about this I have some questions. Once I go through the process of applying the C9, do I top it with White Light and then a wax or only wax?

    You mentioned that I should polish once a year. After the C9 has been applied, so I still need to polish--say next year? Wouldn't that have a negative effect on the C9?

    I happened to find some P40 Polish laying around that I've not used but seems to be a suitable product for my vehicle considering the lack of really noticeable swirls in it. VSS seems to be similar to P40 from what I gather. Really looking to do the polish in as few steps as possible considering the age and condition of my vehicle--it really is in great shape.

    Last, a polisher. I know Porter Cable is a good one to get for beginners, I haven't much experience with a machine and prefer to get something that puts me in the best position to avoid damaging paint. This one seems to fit the bill nicely and is priced nicely considering I'm not doing this professionally, more so as an enthusiast. Are there any others that I should be considering?

    Appreciate any helpful comments and insight. Thanks!
    Yes polishing annually is only applicable if you are not coated.

    P40 polish is good stuff I use it regularly.

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    After you polish, before you coat, remove the polishing oils with Chemical Guys WipeOut Surface Cleaner, which I believe is CG's best product.

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