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Thread: Really fine swirls what polish to use?

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    Really fine swirls what polish to use?

    Here's a picture of the swirls you can see them just north of the lightIMG_20170524_173948813.jpg
    What polish and pad should I use?

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    There's no way to tell from a picture. Each paint has different clear coat hardness. You start with your lightest polish and your lightest pad. You go over it slowly and make 4-6 passes. Then you wipe it with 15% alcohol water solution and you check it IN THE SUNLIGHT. If the swirls are gone, great! If not, your options are

    a. more passes with same polish and pad
    b. more aggressive pad
    c. more aggressive polish

    Repeat until the swirls are gone to the best of your ability.

    You can check a polish's aggressiveness by referring to Autopia's Polish Comparison Chart Updated 02/2017.

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    Really fine swirls what polish to use

    For those of you with a combination of polish and paint trim:.what is your technique for polishing the aluminum right up to the paint trim without negatively affecting the quality of the paint finish and appearance?

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