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    Beginner Questions

    I have a 2015 Hyundai Sonata and it's got the Phantom Black paint color. The paint is in decent condition but does has some minor swirl marks and scratches. Nothing major thankfully.

    I am getting the Torq 10fx kit and some other goodies to get the car ready for the summer.

    I do have a few questions though.

    I have a 3M clear bra on the front going about 1/4 of the way up the hood. I also have it on the front quarter panels, under the door handles and on the edges of the doors as well. Do I need to avoid these areas when using the polisher? I had heard it's ok to clay, seal and wax it but couldn't find anything about using a polisher with it.

    How many pads should I have on hand? I was thinking 4 each of the black, white and orange and 1 each of the other colors. Can I wash them and use them again right away? I was thinking of going through 2 pads, washing them and hand drying them as best I can, then using the other 2 pads as the washed ones air dry a bit.

    Should I be taping up the chrome trim while using the polisher as well?

    Thanks for any tips and advice!
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