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Thread: Hazing need help.

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    Hazing need help.

    Hi I'm detailing my daughters black forte and there's haze ing on two of the doors ,tried getting it off with vas. And orange pad ,doesn't seem to be working .

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    Not sure if you meant VSS but you definitely want to go with a lighter polish and a finishing pad to get rid of the hazing. It reminds of a detail job we had just done with one our SDU students trying out a V32 for the first time and he was worried he wasn't doing it right because he would leave a lot of hazing when finished. I explained to him that it was mainly because of the V32 compound and to get rid of it we need a nice finishing polish. For this example, after the V32 we went with a V36 with a green pad, then a v38 white pad and the paint looked flawless. The reaction from the student was priceless and the joy that he corrected such a badly conditioned black paint was such a great sight to see. As I said Gary, try a lighter polish with a finishing pad and see if that does the trick. Happy Detailing!

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    Thank you I'll have to order some v 36 and it was vss I used .

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    Garypace are you using a machine? What kind if so?

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    I'm useing a 7424 port acable

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    I don't have v36would vss and green pad work the same . I used a 7424 polisher.

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