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Thread: mtm foam cannon question

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    mtm foam cannon question

    I may have a really noobish question but i think its better to ask before i damage something lol

    So i received my MTM foam canon however the end which meets my pressure washer wand (sorry for not knowing the exact part names) has white coating on it.

    Now do i take this coating off before screwing it on the foam cannon or not?

    if i dont take the white coat off the screw only goes in 25% no matter how hard i try, im scared under pressure this will just blast off.

    Here is the picture of what i am talking about
    2017-05-10 23.34.43.jpg

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    You leave it on. It is Teflon tape to help seal the threads.

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    So i am not able to screw it in more than a quarter with the tape on... is that normal? i dont want the whole thing to blast off under pressure

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    You could try maybe unwrapping one course of the tape...but do not remove it all

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    mtm foam cannon question

    What has the fact that you once bought an LGB loco chassis or locomotive, to do with the question asked, that started this thread ? or are you just flogging LGB.......?

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