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Thread: Anything for dust?

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    Anything for dust?

    Just got don't detailing my Black 3/4 ton ram which sits in my garage for most days out of the week... it still manages to get a visible amount of dust on it. Yes I know Black shows everything but is there anything that maybe help reduce this attraction to dust? Or am I stuck giving it a quick wipe down before I take it out?

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    Anytime you wipe the truck, you are scratching it. On my dusty car, I do a touchless wash before I take it out.

    Spray rinse

    Foam cannon

    Spray rinse

    Blow dry

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    Try a quick detailer like V7 or P40 to remove that dust and add a layer of protection from it. It also contains natural carnauba wax for UV protection and wax coat strengthening.It's a quick alternative for when you're on the go. Give it a try and see how you like it.

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