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Thread: Audi A4 Paint Hard as Nails

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    Audi A4 Paint Hard as Nails

    Trying to paint correct my 1 year old 2017 Audi. Nothing major but some swirls and love marks are there. Did some tests that did not touch the scratches that I'd like to be gone. The most aggressive I got was v34 with an orange foam pad then polished with v38 and white pad. I can go more aggressive to v32 but wondering if microfiber pad with v34 would be better combo. Need help any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Great question. We always recommend that you always use a lighter polish first in a test spot, this way you don't risk accidentally damaging your paintwork any more. The V32 is an extremely strong compound reserved for only the heaviest of swirls and scratches. What did you use on your earlier tests? The V34 with a V38 finish should be enough. Keep us updated and let us know how it gas.

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    The test on my rear deck lid working in half sections I did was using my TorqX DA Polisher on setting 6 in the following order:

    1. v38 + white pad
    2. v36 + white pad
    3. v36 +orange pad
    4. finally v34 + orange pad then polished it out with v38 + white pad and topped with BWW (but not happy with results under close inspection)

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    Hmmm, this is really odd because new cars wouldn't need these many paint corrections. We'd be happy to take a look at pics of your vehicle and see what may be wrong. Be sure to send us pics through our Facebook so we can properly assess the situation and give you a better answer. Again, for a car this new, it's fairly odd to need these type of paint corrections. Follow the link below for your Facebook message.

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    Thanks. Sent a message through Facebook messenger with video.

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    Sent additional info through Facebook messenger two days ago but no response. As an enthusiast, I'm glad my livelihood doesn't depend on a response but since I'm customer with an arsenal of your products does that count?

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    FWIW never did get a reply. Switched to Megs microfiber pads with Ultimate Compound and M205 and had no issues. CG you need to be better at service.

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