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    Signature Series Wheel Cleaner

    We have a fun read for you on the Signature Series Wheel Cleaner.

    Often overlooked and forgotten, but nevertheless, equally as important. Sounds like the opening of a Shakespeare play, but we want to spotlight one section of your car that requires such beauty as as one of his plays when it comes to detailing your car. We’re going to take an excerpt from Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet” and fine-tune it a bit to detailing. “To detail or not to detail, that is never the question!”.

    When it comes to detailing, we should never really only focus on the paint itself but look at the car in its entirety. The wheels need some detailing love too, heck , it may need even more care because of the daily wear and tear it goes through. Think of it like this, you’re done taking a shower and you’re putting on lotion but you constantly forget your feet, leaving it dry and exposed to the daily grind. It’s the exact same train of thought, take care of arguably the most important part of your body.

    This is where I learned first hand of the effects of the Signature Series Wheel Cleaner. We’re going to break it down for you step-by-step on how, where, with what, and why the Signature Series Wheel Cleaner will do the job for your tires and rims.

    Step 1 - Preparation

    First thing’s first, you can’t start any job without having the proper tools to get the job done. Yes, the chemicals in the Signature Series Wheel Cleaner will do the bulk of the work, but everyone and anything can always use a helping hand.

    Let’s get this party started with the allocation of the different brushes we’ll be using for this job. One of our brushes will be our Chemical Resistant Stiffy Brush because it’s made with durable synthetic bristles that’s perfect for tough intense scrubbing. We’ll be mainly using this on our rubber tires to get rid of all the rough dirt particles.

    Our next brush will be the Body & Wheel Flagged Tip Short Handle Brush that has the super-soft bristles that makes it safe to clean custom wheels.Not to mention, it looks as cool as a cucumber with its stylish gray bristles. It also works on sensitive paintwork, engine bays and lower body panels but for now, we’re focusing on the wheel.

    The final brush we’ll be using is the Show Car Wheel & Rim Detailing Brush for those hard-to-reach places in between the rims. It can slip through spokes, as well as clean deep inside the barrel of the wheel. Also, it bends and shapes itself for ultra detailing versatility; made with soft synthetic bristles to prevent scratches on the rims.

    The final tool you’ll need is your bucket with the Cyclone Dirt Trap inserted to filter up clean water and avoid scratching.

    (Don’t forget a hose, can’t wash away the dirt without the hose)

    Step 2 - Tire

    Now that we’ve got everything we need to get started, we want to start off by hosing down the wheel to get it ready for the Signature Series Wheel Cleaner. Now that we have our wheel rinsed, we’re going to want to start from the outside moving in. We’re going to want to spray the face of the tire at least a couple of times. We recommend about 5-8 sprays; it all depends on how dirty your wheel is. After you spray, you’re going to want to let the tire soak for a couple of seconds to let the chemicals react and do their job. In those few seconds you’ll be able to notice as the liquid turns brown and takes out all the gunk out of the tires. It’s going to be pretty noticeable and kind of a sight to see when you see all the dirt you had on your tires from all that time of neglect.

    Now, grab your Chemical Resistant Stiffy Brush to scrub the tire thoroughly to get those tougher dirt particles that want to stay on, off. Depending on how dirty and how long it’s been since you last touched on your tires, it may need a few more hard scrubs than usual to really get the dirt out. Make sure to go around the tire and not leave a spot untouched. One quick tip: you can start North to South going to the right then going to the left so that there’s no confusion if you missed a spot or not.

    As you’re scrubbing, you’re cleaning and protecting the tires from any filth and you’re making sure the sidewalls have that tire shine dressing that makes it look better and last much, much longer.

    When you’re all done scrubbing the heck out of that tire, a quick hose down will get that baby looking good as new.

    Step 3 - Rims

    Our next step is comprised of using the next two brushes since they both focus on the rims. Grab your Body & Wheel Flagged Tip Short Handle Brush and the Show Car Wheel & Detailing Brush. We’re going to take our Signature Series Wheel Cleaner and give it another 5-8 sprays around the rim and deep inside it. I know what you’re feeling right now, you’re feeling spray-happy because you saw how freakishly amazing it worked on the tire, but waste not, remember we still have 3 more wheels to go!

    Same as we did with the tire, we’re going to want to give it a few seconds to let the chemicals do their thing. Chemicals be like, “Hold your horses aka brushes, buddy”. Bad jokes aside, we’re now holding our Show Car Wheel & Detailing Brush to get started on those hard-to-reach places around the rim.

    You’re asking yourself, if we’re using both brushes for this next step, does it matter which brush I use first? You’re right, since we’ll be working on the rim, you have the choice in which to start with, but let me pick your brain for a second. We found it to be more efficient to begin with the Show Car Wheel & Detailing Brush because from past experience, it tends to splatter a bit as you go in and out of the rim, thus getting some of that dirt back on the face of the rim and creating double the work.. So yes, we did just insert a step within a step; wait, did we just pull off detailing inception?

    The Show Car Wheel & Detailing Brush will be working tough on all the brake dust that has accumulated over the years. Now, we don’t need to add anymore sprays for when we use the Body & Wheel Flagged Tip Short Handle Brush for the face of the rim and the hard to reach place inside the lug nuts. The chemicals will still be there eating away the dirt. Also,this may be the pride and joy of many wheel fans so it should ease their mind in knowing that the soft bristles were made just for this, to avoid ill-fated scratches on the rims.

    You’re going to do your final rinse off of the rims and even the tires, just in case there were any spots you may have missed. Always better to be safe than sorry. Now, take a step back, gaze upon that freshly new wheel you just cleaned and shined yourself. Here’s a little cherry on top, lean in and take a quick whiff and you’ll notice that it even has a citrus finish to it. That’s the scent of victory.

    Step 4 - Fresh New Tires

    This is our final and arguably the most important step of all, finish the other 3 tires! You don’t wanna be that person only asking for pictures of their good side. Next time we detail, don’t forget to include our wheels in the conversation of detailing beauty.

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    I use that wheel cleaner on my 07 mustangs oe wheels.

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