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Thread: Any products you're hesitant on trying out? Ask us about them!

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    I understand Kirks Delimma. I to use the products on my vehicles that I put on my clients cars! And I would love to use the SS6, but at $100 a bottle.....!

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    You guys make a valid point, someone who leases their vehicle may not understand the value of the product, however you get multiple uses out of it, if explained correctly you will get your money back and make a little extra. If it were a one time use, I'd have to imagine it was liquid gold in a bottle in order for me to pick one up. If someone drops a luxury car in your lap to detail, you have the potential to make some serious money, in fact we advocate it. Carbon Flex isn't for everyone, it's for people who have the car of their dreams, and they want to preserve that like new look for as long as possible. If I had the money to purchase a Ferrari 458, or BMW M6, McLaren, Audi R8 etc... I would invest in a top of the line coating because those vehicles cost a small fortune.

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    Hey I love your products, but Carbon Flex doesn't make business sense for me. I don't have customers clamoring for it, like I do for Wolfgang and Opti. I think that's because there doesn't seem to be any reviews for it on Autogeek, Autopia, etc. and because I can't point to one of my vehicles with it installed.

    Maybe I will get a bottle of Carbon Flex in my Mystery Box one day....:-)

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