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Thread: New Product! New Product!

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    New Product! New Product!

    Hi Chemical Guys Fam!

    We wanted to fill you in on a new product that we just dropped; it's our Ball Buster Speed Polishing Drill Attachment for Wheels, Exhaust, Grilles, and more.

    Just a quick description of what it is and does: It's a drill attachment that slips through spokes and cleans deep inside the barrel of the wheel. You can use it to clean, polish, and wax wheels, rims, exhausts, grilles while being a labor-saving power cleaning tool.

    We even have a video that you can check it out as a tutorial.

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    I've ordered two of them Javier, I've yet to try them. Polishing the rims on my Grand Cherokee should be significantly easier. Looking forward to putting these to use!

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    It's so awesome to use, trust us, you're not going to want to put it down. Just being able to use power tools make everything fun!

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