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Thread: 2015 Ram 1500

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    2015 Ram 1500

    Here is my to the detailing world, so this is a picture of her at the beach. Getting all my new toys together (A.K.A. detailing tools) and will be performing a full detail in a couple of weeks. Should get her shining really nice! I will post pictures after the detail.

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    Nice! Enjoy detailing it

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    Thanks will be fun, and time consuming since I have never done a full detail and will completely strip it down and start from scratch. I have a few scuffs and surface scratches that will need to be fixed, but I am gearing up to complete this in one day. I am blocking out an entire day to get this done! I will post progress pictures and some before/after pictures once I am done.

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    That looks like it will be a lot of fun, take your time with it. Are you planning to use a foam cannon? Using a foam cannon will definitely expedite the cleaning. make sure to get some extra plush microfiber towels as well. I can't wait to see the results.

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