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Thread: New Pressure washer thinking about a foam cannon

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    New Pressure washer thinking about a foam cannon

    I just purchased the Greenworks 1800 psi electric pressure washer (Hope its a good one) to use for detailing and around the house. I'm thinking about getting the foam cannon.....

    When you use the cannon do you do a 2 bucket wash after you foamed and rinsed it off or do you foam it up and then wash while the foam is still active?

    Is 1.1 GPM enough to get good foam?
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    That pressure washer will work for a foam cannon. Expect to get about 1 year of light/moderate duty on the Greenworks before it croaks. Consumer level PWs just don't last.

    You can foam and do a 2 bucket wash. You can foam and rinse and do a rinseless wash after. You can foam and rinse only and then you've done a touchless wash. Sometimes, I foam, rinse and foam again if it is really dirty.

    #1 rule: ALWAYS run a bottle full of fresh water (or even better, CLR) thru the cannon after EVERY use. The foaming screen can clog with soap residue or hard water chemicals. Keep a replacement foamer screen on hand. About $15 for the replacement screen and O-rings.

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    Where do you purchase the foam cannon repair parts?

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