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Thread: Looking for a good steps - Black Metallic Clear Coat

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    Looking for a good steps - Black Metallic Clear Coat

    Black Metallic paint, with clear coat.

    Heavy hard water spotting with minor swirls. These are the steps that I'm looking at performing and carrying out, looking for advise and where to add/cut.

    Wash/dry >Clay Bar>> V34 >V38 > VSS> BlackLight >Black Luminous Glow Infusion>Butter Wax>V07 Detail Spray.

    Looking at a heavy orange hexlogic pad on the torq X for the V34 then moving to a White pad for the V38, then a Blue for the VSS.

    For the Black Luminous Glaze looking at had applying and then using a Black pad to buff off.

    For the butter wax applying by hand and using a red pad to polish off.

    I have large surface areas so trying to eliminate as much handwork to save the shoulders and hands.

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    Every paint is different so I can't say whether your process will work or not. Start with your lightest polish and your lightest pad and work up. I'd start with VSS and a white pad. Then move up to orange pad if needed. If still not corrected, then the V34 with white pad, then orange, etc., followed by V38 with black, V38 with white etc. You may not even need V34 or 38.

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