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Thread: got a 2013 black 300c. where do i start and what i should get?

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    got a 2013 black 300c. where do i start and what i should get?

    just bought a 2013 black 300c. where do i start and what i should get to protect the paint.

    thanks in advance

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    First and foremost, we want you to be following the correct of order of detailing. I'll place a link below for you to check out our flow chart.

    We will keep it simple for you and have you wash & rinse, clay, polish, seal and wax your car with our most popular products.

    Step 1: Since you have a black car, we want you to wash & rinse your car with our Black Light Hybrid Radiant Finish Car Wash soap -

    Step 2: Clay - This depends on the condition of your pain but we recommend our OG Clay bar (All-Purpose) with our clayLuber for lubrication to avoid swirls and scratches.

    Step 3: Polish - This also depends on the condition of the paint but we are going to recommend you go light and pick out an inconspicuous area for a test spot. Start with our V36 paired with our White Medium Light Polishing pad. We always recommend going light to not run the risk of accidentally damaging paint.

    Step 4: Sealant - Try our popular JetSeal Sealant and Paint Protectant - durable protection that lasts up to 12 months while giving you a brilliant shine.

    Step 5: Wax - Giveour otehr popular item a try - Butter Wet Wax - Gives it a deep wet look with an extra layer of protection from elements such as UVA & UVB rays

    Hope this helps on getting you started on your detailing journey. Once you begin, you'll be hooked and you'll soon finding yourself wanting to do you friend's and family's cars.

    Welcome to the Chemical Guys family!

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