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Thread: Need help deciding which CG products to use and in what order.

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    Need help deciding which CG products to use and in what order.

    Hey all,

    Below is the list of CG products I currently have in hand. Can anyone tell me which products and in what order they should be apllied to get the most durable and best finish? Keep in mind these product will obviously be applied after washing clay baring.

    Black Light
    Speed Wipe
    V07 Spray
    Petes 53

    Thanks for your help

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    I usually do the following... after a wash and clay...

    Black Light
    V7 Spray
    Pete's 53

    If you are going to use Jet Seal or in your case M-Seal, I think you would do the following...

    M-Seal (forgo the black light since they have similar properties and I think both would be a little over kill)

    I don't think initially the other products are necessary since you are sealing and then topping with wax. You don't need to do the m-seal (or any sealant) every time you wash since they have a pretty long lifespan on your paint. The maintenance washes are where you can pop back in the BL the V7. I don't have Activate or Speed Wipe but they seem similar to the V7 which is fantastic.

    Hope this helps. With so many products being hybrids it's really confusing to figure out which order. Figure out which work for you and stick with it

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    Depending on your results and satisfaction with M-seal, you may want to give JetSeal a shot topped with Pete's....killer combo

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    JetSeal would be your best bet since the protection last up to 12 months in comparison to the M-seal that lasts up to 6 months.

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