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Thread: Best buffing Polish or compound?

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    Best buffing Polish or compound?

    Hey guys. I need some professional help. I have a gmc yukon denali xl black. I have some pretty bad swirl marks and and a few minor scratches that I want gone. I want to do this myself but am just looking for the right instructions on which compound to use

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    It's hard to say what polish to use. Each polish performs differently on different paints, when applied with different machines, with different pads, with different pressure. You want to start with your least aggressive polish and pad, and use test spots. Do a test section and see if you get the results you want. If not, move to more aggressive pad. If still not good, more aggressive polish.

    Remember you need a fresh pad for each panel. That means 6-8 pads or you can clean the pad between panels. Be sure to spin out the water so you don't dilute your polish.

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    Just out of curiosity, how deep are the scratches? When you run your fingernail by them, does it catch? If so, then you may have something too deep to correct. GM clear coats are known for being hard, so do not be shocked if you end up having to go as far as a compound to remove the imperfections. I've had very good success with Meguiars Ultimate Compound matched with a HexLogic Quantum orange pad for defect removal. As KirkH suggested, a test spot will be your best friend here. There is no real 'best' polish, only the pad/product combination that works best for you.

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