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Thread: New Car detail

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    New Car detail

    Purchase a brand new car and I recently washed, Clay, glazed, seal and then waxed. How often can I apply these? My thought was weekly washes, wax end of month and sealant each quarter.

    Products used:
    EZ cream glaze
    M-seal micro finish factory paint sealant
    Butter wet wax

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    Probably good on that schedule. Get some Pete's 53 wax. It's great stuff. Butter wet wax will melt off in the heat of the sun quickly. I pretty much only use it for headlights and windshields any more.

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    Thanks! I'm going to try that Pete's was. Would I need to use a cleaner wax or something to remove any old coats?

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    A cleaner wax is always good before a wax job, but you don't want to polish too often. For a pro, a paint thickness gauge is important tool. Once a year polish is good for most cars. You can remove old coats of wax with an isopropyl alcohol solution (25%)

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    Yea, don't feel the need to polish yet since the paint is new & I don't see any imperfections...never really worked with glazes and sealants much, so wasn't sure If I could just got over the existing glaze/seal/wax with a fresh coat or had to remove old coats each time. Maybe use a cleaner wax each quarter to get a fresh look...
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    I always give new cars a polish. There are dealer swirls from their "car wash." There are iron deposits from the rail cars the vehicle was delivered on. Mix that rail dust with water and its like concrete. You may want to polish using a cleaner wax (low to no abrasives).

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    I was thinking about laying done a light polish before my next glaze/seal/wax....just didn't want to have to use a cleaner wax or polish each quarter to remove the old protection.

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