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Thread: Polish and Was for RV Travel Trailer

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    Polish and Was for RV Travel Trailer

    For about a year I have been using Chemical Guys for my Car and the products work great.

    I just purchased an RV and it needs to be polished and waxed... from the products you have I am thinking the following.... RV has fiberglass outside walls.

    Boat Revive Polish

    Boat Wet Wax

    My camper is an hybrid so it has popouts with vinyl fabric:
    Marine and Boat Heavy Duty Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner
    Marine and Boat Vinyl & rubber Protectant

    looking for feedback if you all agree or recommend something else

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    I detail RVs. Some RVs have gelcoat, like boats. Others just have painted vinyl siding. The gelcoat is much harder than car paint and you will have to use boat polish. If it is not gel coat, you can use an all in one polish like P40 AIO. You will still need to wash thoroughly with Citrus Wash & Gloss, clay the surface before you polish. Orange Degreaser for the vinyl roof. Hard to do much about mildewed window trims- probably the toughest surface to restore in all my detailing.

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    thank you... I believe it is fiberglass with a gel coat, but I could be wrong.

    Here is a picture of it.


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    Looks like a nice rig. You should be able to make that thing shine!

    Check out my instagram page for pics of RV detailing

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