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Thread: 2015 Hydro Blue Jeep Wrangler, What should I use?

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    2015 Hydro Blue Jeep Wrangler, What should I use?

    New to this world. I have a Jeep Wrangler in Hydro Blue and I was wanting some suggestions as to what products you guys recommend? I wheel it hard and it gets very muddy sandy and trail scratched. I do like to keep it looking great in between. What do you recommend?

    Thank you

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    If you're getting a lot of mud on the vehicle, I'd highly recommend a foam cannon, or at the very least, a foam gun to minimize contact during the washing phase. Very careful washing will be needed to keep it looking good. You may want to go as far as a coating, but short of that, JEtSeal topped with Petes 53 is a slamming combo to protect the finish.

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    I am a Jeep owner. IF you are getting it muddy and trail scratched, don't waste your money on a coating. Pressure washer, foam cannon, long brushes, etc.

    You can obviously polish it once a year, you can use a glaze on it to hide some marring, other than that, a Jeep is going to be scratched. Keeping it clean is the best you can hope for if you go out into the bush.

    Protecting your soft top is the most important thing. Chemical Guys has convertible top cleaner and protectant. You also need a nice brush for the fabric top.

    Keeping your windows clear is possible. You can check out my thread on that here:

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    Wrap it with a paint protection film. Best protection

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    Optimum has self healing PPF. I saw it last week at the Mobile Tech Expo. Super thick.

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