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Thread: Hello from Seattle

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    Hello from Seattle

    Found this forum looking for detailing products for my new car that comes in a few months (2017 Audi Q7 w/ Matte PPF). Given that I won't be able to use the dealers drive through wash anymore, I figured I should become well versed in washing and care of Matte PPF.

    Look forward to posting some photos when the car arrives.

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    Just a little teaser while the last few panels are finished.

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    Welcome to the site

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    Welcome to the site...the whole car is getting PPF?

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    Hello from your southern neighbor (Portland). Nice looking car!

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    Welcome! That's a beautiful car; it's exciting to see others get just as excited when it comes to detailing their car. Happy Detailing!

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    Hey Pete, thanks for checking out this forum, I'm really excited to hear about your new car!!! I love Audi's, they're some of the best looking cars on the road. You definitely need to pay close attention to matte paint because using chemicals not suited for matte paints can leave your paint discolored and stained. Also certain products contain shine/gloss enhancers that will add unwanted gloss to your beautiful matte finish. Whenever you get the car, and are ready to wash it, try using Meticulous Matte Auto Wash. Meticulous Matte cleans, and protects wraps and matte finishes. I think you should invest in a foam cannon like our Torq models, they're very easy to use, utilize an adjustable nozzle for controlling the fan, and provide more than ample foaming capability.
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    She's a beauty!

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