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Thread: Torq 10FX

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    Torq 10FX

    Happy to say that santa dropped off a Torq 10FX under the tree for me this year.

    Tried it out this weekend on our black BMW - V36/38, Black Light then Butter Wax.

    Question - my Torq 10FX has the digital setting. Some of the instructions mention using setting 6. Does anyone know what OPM that is?

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    Santa is always dropping awesome gifts haha! The OPM for the TORQ 10FX is 1,500 - 4,200, depending on your setting. Happy Detailing!

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    Hey Javier what is speed setting 6 on the torq 10fx?

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    Hey bud, speed setting 6 is the highest speed setting and 4,200 OPM is what it oscillates during.

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    Torq 10FX

    Ive been using Torq for a while just playing around, but there is one thing I dont get that Ive been wondering ever since I got it... On the connectiv hardware itself, it has a dial that you can choose between the raw timecoded sound and the music from the software On the hardware its the two main dials labeled Mix A and Mix B. Why would you want to have it somewhere in between I always turn it all the way to input to play real vinyl, and all the way to usb to use the timecoded vinyl?

    Its probably something I missed, and I feel like Im not using this thing right... I would really like to know

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