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Thread: new ugly toy

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    new ugly toy

    so I replaced my wrangler yesterday with a mach 1..interior and engine wise its perfect but it has been sitting outside for years in the florida sun and to top it off next to a sprinkler system with very hard water...
    I purchased a torqx kit with the pads and polishes, will be washing and claying this weekend and hopefully polishing this mess in the garage for a few days...
    any tips on how I should work over the decals? is this too much of a job for a beginner to start with?

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    How's it coming?

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    It's not too difficult of a job to begin with but you will need to know what to use and what order to use them in. I'll like you the flow chart below to make it easier for you. As for the decals, it'd be wise to work around them as the decals may be damaged, including some of the tools you use on them.

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