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Thread: Eastwood DA Polisher?

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    Eastwood DA Polisher?

    I was on Eastwood's website yesterday night, and saw that they now have a DA polisher. Has anybody tried it out yet? According the downloaded manual it uses the PC/Griot spindle (5/16" X 24). I have some questions for anybody who has any experience with this polisher:

    1. Is this a force rotation type unit (Flex or Rupes) or a free rotation type unit (PC or Griot's) type polisher?

    2. Is this balanced strictly for 6" pads, or will 5"/5.5" pads be usable with this?

    3. How is the power and overall balance of this unit?

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    If it uses the same spindle as a Griots, my sense is that you could change out the backing plate and use different pads. Looks comparable in power to either the PC/Griots thing to consider.....Griots is a lifetime warranty

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