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Thread: Polishing Instrument Cluster?

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    Polishing Instrument Cluster?

    Whats the best way to polish out the dealer installed scratches on my new Tacoma gauges?

    I have all the V line polishes, and some plastx. I was thinking V36 on a Microfiber Applicator pad, then wipe down with MF towel, and then repeat the process with V38?

    Any ideas?


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    I would start with the V38 and if that doesn't work, get more aggresive with V36. I have personally used RainX Headlight Restorer in the past and it seemed to work fine. I used a microfiber towel to apply and the dry side to buff off.

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    Thanks MK, worked pretty good, but still have some fine swirls to remove, I'll have to go at it again

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    Those scratches can be very distracting. In sunlight, you can barely read the gauges. I was so fed up, I pulled the instrument cluster out of my car, separated the plastic lens, then polished it with a green Hex-Logic Pad on a rotary polisher and V36. It was also a good time to clean any dust from inside the housing that got pushed through the trip meter/clock buttons that poke through.

    This method is very thorough, but obviously invasive and you run the risk of breaking something. Check your manual to learn how to remove your instrument cluster if you wish. Your mileage may vary!

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    Did you end up using the V36?

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    Just use Meguiar's PlastX with a hand white pad and follow with Nextzett Cockpit Premium cleaner and instrument cluster will be clearer than ever.

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