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Thread: How many pads do I need?

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    How many pads do I need?

    I finally picked up a Torqx polisher and have 3 vehicles that I will be polishing in October. I plan on either 1 or 2 step polishing with the orange and white hex logic pads along with V polishes. I purchased 3 of each polishing pad and wondered if that will be enough. The largest vehicle is a full size sedan (Lincoln Town Car). Will I need more? Thank you.

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    Do you have red and black pads for sealant and wax? You have plenty of orange and white pads. Should only need 1 of each. Don't overload the pad with polish and they last longer.

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    I have one black pad. At this point I am comfortable applying wax by hand but the Torqx may be good for larger vehicles. Should I invest in more black and even red pads?

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    using the machine to apply wax allows wax to be applied more thinly and evenly. That means it saves product and is easier to buff off.

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    65 say that 1 pad is good enough? I'm not in the business,just doing my own vehicles.

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    If you are just doing your own car, you can get away with 1 pad each color. When polishing, clean the pad every panel or two. You are fine with one pad for waxing, just get all the wax cleaned out before storing it.

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