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Thread: My First Purchase

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    My First Purchase

    My first order was a basic kit to cover all the bases at once, I also grabbed a gerni to use the foam lance. The bug did bite and only a day or two later I was back down the shop getting more microfibre cloths and the leather cleaner and conditioning for the interior. Will be back again this week getting some glass cleaner and a few other bits and pieces, its so addictive!

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    Very nice, I am trying to resist that bug right now! Thanks for sharing.
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    Oh man, it looks like some fun detailing days! Keep up the cool pics, we're loving 'em here at the Detail Garage.

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    What a great way to start your first detail, I too was bitten by the bug, the appearance of a freshly cleaned vehicle instills a different kind of sense of accomplishment that can't be cheapened. Way to go, some good decisions were made.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reecard View Post
    very nice, i am trying to resist that bug right now! Thanks for sharing.
    resistance is futile you will assimulate!��

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