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Thread: buffer trails (holograms) after polishing

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    buffer trails (holograms) after polishing

    Past week, i used DA polisher to buff out by 5 year old genesis coupe. Car had Moderate swirl marks.

    I used GG's 6 inc polisher with hex orange pad with Meguiars ultimate compound (speed 6 with 6 section pass) & than light blue polish pad with CG v38. (speed 6 with 5 section passes)

    In the end when i looked at the car in sun i see some new buffer trails (holograms) *circled red in picture attached. There is more of them but cant see them in picture due to lightning*

    I wanted to know what can i used to remove those marks? preferable a one step solution as i already did two step on whole car and doing it again will be Pain in the b**t(excluding wax)

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    bump??? anyone?

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    First try using v-36 with a white then orange pad. Use a lower speed like 5. The 36 is good about taking out 90 percent of inperfections. Try V-38 and a white pad. Speed 5 or try going back to orange pad and the 38. If you can get your hands on some V-4 try white pad then orange on speed 5. No paint is going to be the same. You will always have to adjust your game plan accordingly.

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    V4 is a great time saver....that should take those out. You'll be left with a nice, reflective shine....


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    Can this be removed with white pad and v4 without needing to go over with another step?20160916_161153.jpg

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