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Thread: What's the right maintenance

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    What's the right maintenance

    What up all. I'm new around hear but have been reading a ton of posts for a quite some time.

    Here's my questions, so i followed all the steps and did a full detail on my truck (she's pearl white) F150, she tuned out amazing. did the clay, did the glaze, the seal and the wax.

    so now that i did all that i keep it washed doing the two bucket method and a cannon, how here it goes, how often do i give it more wax? i will i know when it time for more sealer and glaze. and here is another questions. if i clay the hood to get some gunk off, do i need to redo it all or just add wax?

    lots of questions. looking to have a conversation.

    thats in advance

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    To tell if the car needs clay you use the plastic baggie test.

    How often to wax depends on what elements the truck sees and what type of wax used. If the wax beads look for the beading to fail. If it is designed to sheet water, when the water doesn;t run off the truck its time to wax.

    If you clay, you will strip all the protection off the car. Your hood will no longer have sealant or wax on it. I would reseal and wax.

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