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Thread: Oh No!!! Burned through paint??

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    Oh No!!! Burned through paint??

    Hello detailing gurus, I need your help. I just bought my first scratch repair kit if you will. I bought the sampler kit V32-V38. I had a spot on my fender that seemed to have a little transfer and some side scratches. I took the V32 with a orange hand pad and got to scrubbing. A few drops of sweat off my forehand and I've only made a little progress. So, I go at it a few more times. As I do, I start to notice 3 small water spot spots. (that is what it looked like) I hadn't noticed those earlier. I thought, well I better try to buff those out as well. No progress, so I took a magic eraser because I didn't have 2000 or 3000 grit sandpaper and tried to get rid of those 3 spots. Well, the 3 dull spots turned into 3 dark spots. What have I done? I am thinking, the car must have been touched up before because I wasn't pushing very hard and I see some touch up paint above that area on the fender line. I have attached the before picture and 2 afters. Do I need to go to dealer to get touchup paint? If so, can I polish it and blend it in a bit? Can I buy clear coat and spray that first and then apply paint? I know it won't ever be a 10/10 but hoping for 8/10. Thanks in advance! Trying to attach photos but they won't upload for some annoying reason. Chromebook is crap.

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    Why they showed up sideways, I'll never know....but you can see the jist of it

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    The first pic is tough to tell what you want us to see. The second pick looks like base coat failure. You should be able to touch up paint and put some clear over it. If you are using heavy compound mask your edges and ridges.
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    Magic erasers bad. They are abrasive

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