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Thread: Water beading vs sheeting

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    Water beading vs sheeting


    Were are you in Kanchanburi, I have some Thai friends and the well bores in their area only cost 30,000 baht water gurantee no water no pay. Good luck with the building.


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    Water beading vs sheeting

    I had/have the same problem with water running through my heater. Change the flexible hose to PVC piping and you wont have to fork out for the water tank and pressure pump.

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    Water beading vs sheeting

    HI guys,

    I have a house in bangkok and i have a good water pump. Im the bathrooms the water pressure is so incosistant. Sometimes the water pressure is ok but never good. and sometimes its useless. The house has plastic blue piping. How can i clean the pipes or is there a company in Bangkok that I can do this for me?

    Let me know what you think?

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    Water beading vs sheeting

    I have to run a new water main from the road, I have been researching pipe size and think 1" will do the job, its 76m from the road to the feed on the house, the water tower is directly across the road that supplies the main, so will 1" do the job or should it be larger?

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    Water beading vs sheeting

    Today the builders hooked up the water to the house. The water pressure is strong for the outlets coming directly from the PVC piping, however the taps in the bathrooms and kitchen as well as the toilet hand held water nozzles are quite weak too weak

    The water from the taps comes up through a flexible hose that is about 3/4 the size of a PVC pipe. I would say this is the reason the pressure is reduced.

    So the question is how to solve this easily with minimum cost?

    Im told by the builders we need a water pump to increase pressure.

    My questions are:

    Will a basic water pump solve this? How much would it cost and do i need a 100 liter or so water tank with it? i want to use the minimum and low cost solution.

    Is using these flexible water hoses leading up the the taps normal or is PVC piping directly to the taps the real way to go?

    Again im looking for the simplest low cost solution. Not a fancy expensive pumping system. The water is clean and comes from city water which cost 19,000 baht to install several months ago and has been used throughout the whole project without pressure problems.

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    Water beading vs sheeting

    Les, Once you have got the Mitsubishi pump you do not need the water tower. You can feed the pump from a tank that is on the same level with the pump. Then you can save the power pumping not so high.
    In your situation once the tower is available, perhaps you can keep it as a back up during a power outage. Or, if easy possible, use the tower only for the ground level installation. Then, for the 2nd floor to install a smaller tank and run the pump only for that.
    When the water system is not so easy to divide, even for the whole house you can have the same small tank - 1,000 L is enough - for a sudden larger demand you will always get the backup by the water tower.

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    Water beading vs sheeting

    For jet pump operation - Google "jet pump" all is explained.

    For the pump selection you need to advise the water depth below ground and the depth of the well and if you have the info, the water level when pumping is taking place as it is advisable to keep the jet pump or intake, depending on what you end up using below the water level during the pumping operation.

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    Water beading vs sheeting

    We moved a few weeks ago into our new house, and after a few incident, we have reached the conclusion that ... our water tank is just 15cm too high

    The water pressure from the main pipe vary during the day, and due to this the water tank only fill-up ... at night. So I have to decide,taking a shower or watering the garden

    Current proposed solution are:
    - get a smaller but larger one
    - get an underground one

    A learning experience

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