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Thread: Rained after wax

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    Rained after wax

    Just got done washing my car results was very rewarding. V7 wash using foam cannon and 2 bucket, blacklight waited 20 min then applied jet seal wait 20 min again applied butter wet wax waited a few minutes and buff off. then it rain and hour later. Do I need to reapply my wax again. I when out after the rain and dry the car again using my waffle towel and v7. I mean is the wax still on my car. Thank you.
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    Rain will not remove the wax in your scenario

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    Butter Wet Wax is hydrophobic, even when still wet.
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    The Butter Wet Wax was designed to withstand the harshest tests that Mother Nature has to offer.

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    Hey buddy, all that work was not in vain. The wax you applied to the vehicle had enough time to bond with the paint, it's still providing you with protection, and gloss enhancement.

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