I have a 2012 Silverado that is a custom show truck (its all black no graphics) and I dont use it as a daily and its stored in a garage 98% of the time. (other than at shows of course) I have the following as my routine so feel free to chime in and recommend anything you'd see that would aid me along the way.

Wet, Foam Cannon, 2 bucket wash, dry, Black, Jet Seal, Butter wet wax, V07

My questions are...

1. What to use as a maintenance wash?? Eco wash or other product. I am very limited to access to a hose at the storage site.

2. How long between washes or maint. washing can I go? Truck gets about 1,500 a year. I dont not have winters here in Alabama. Id think that just hitting the dust off with V07 would work until it was show season then I would strip wash and do the above again.

As of now it is NOT covered in the garage. I am looking for a good cover and at that point I would keep it covered. Those questions will come to the front once I have the cover.