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Thread: How I wash microfiber

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    How I wash microfiber

    I know there is microfiber wash products, and they work great. I have used CG's, but this is another method that I use.

    Products required
    1.Citrus Foam Pad Cleaner (Diluted 16:1)
    2. Free Natural Laundry Soap (No scents)
    3. Pair of Nitrile Gloves
    4. White vinegar and Water (50 / 50 Mix)

    Step 1. put towel into sink, spray towel with Citrus foam cleaner on both sides. Focusing on dirty areas.

    Step 2: Fill sink with luke warm water. Cold is also acceptable but you may end up with cold hands afterward.

    Step 3: Hand wash towel. You will see a lot of dirt and wax and even cleaners you used come out of the towels. This is why I suggest some sort of gloves so your hands don't get full of chemicals and dirt/grim. Also that dirt and junk will not be going into your washing machine!

    Step 4: Ring out towel to remove access water. If the towel is extra dirty repeat steps 1 to 3.

    Step 5: Place towel into washing machine, spray 50/50 vinegar/water mix onto towel.

    Step 6: after all your towels are in the machine. Put an appropriate amount of Free Natural Laundry Soap into the Machine. You can replace this with microfiber wash if you like. Up to you.

    Step 7: Use either cold or luke warm water during washing as microfiber does not like heat.

    Step 8: Hang dry all towels once washing cycle is completed. I never use a dryer, but if you must use low heat or tumble. Personally I find my towels come out super soft without using a dryer, and they retain that static like feeling which is very important.

    While this won't get rid of all dirt eventually a towel will die and become a dirty area only towel, it will remove a ton of stains that you would think would not remove very easily. The vinegar also helps with this process.

    I am only positing stuff I have done myself, and have got great results. I've been using this method for months with great results.

    Have fun!
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    This sounds like a great cleaning method. I am a bit confused now on using hot water to clean microfiber towels. On the CG video they say to use hot water w/ the microfiber wash and I have been doing that, along with a presoak for about 5-10 minutes. I dry the towels in the dryer on low heat and they come out nice and soft, however many of my interior (yellow) and exterior (green) towels are not losing the stains. I believe the towels are clean enough to keep using but after a few uses some are looking nasty. Would warm water be a better option for wash temperature to get rid of the stains?

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