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Thread: Dealership Stickers

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    Dealership Stickers

    There is many methods to removing these, and not all stickers are easy to remove. I recently removed mine which was on the paint.

    1.If you have a heat gun you can use this to help the glue lose it's bond to the paint.

    2. If you don't have a heat gun you can use a hair dryer.

    3. Some people use an eraser tool that attaches to a standard drill. Apparently it is very effective. Up to you.

    Step 2:
    If you don't have either of these. Man/Woman came equipped with nails You can use your nail to gently pick off the sticker. Which you will need to do anyway unless you use the eraser tool. Be careful and take your time. You can use a lubricate to help the process.

    Step 3:
    After you have removed the sticker/s and yeah in some cases they put a sticker for each letter. Such was the case with my car. Sometimes these stickers are really cheap and they break apart as you are trying to peel them off. Mine literally took 30 minutes because they had like 30 stickers that made up the advertisement, and they were cheap and were almost impossible to take off without them breaking apart.

    So after it is removed, you will likely see a ghost shape of what was there previously. and likely some glue residue. Depending on how long the sticker was there. It may make removing the ghosting and residue much more work. For me, all I did was use a little bit of butter wet wax. When I mean a little bit I use 1 tiny pea sized drop on a microfiber towel. Worked it into the area. Let it sit for about 45 seconds, and buffed it off. The ghosting and glue were completely gone. Looks like the sticker was never there!

    You may have to repeat this process a few times if you don't see complete removal.

    There is also products like Goo Gone which is a retail product that I have heard is very useful for removing glue residue. However I have never used it myself. If you have BWW on hand. I would try this first as it was really very effective.

    That's it.
    Good Luck!
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    whats BWW?

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    Butter Wet Wax

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank70 View Post
    Butter Wet Wax

    I've used BWW also to remove this weird greasy stuff from door jams. It got onto the area under the door, and I guess transferred onto the "ledge" Nothing removed it but BWW did. I'm not sure if it is grease from the hinges or if it's some sort of anti corrosion stuff the manufacture puts in. Since my car is only been owned by me. I know it wasn't added. Anyway If you have any type of goo that is not coming off with normal cleaning methods. BWW works great.

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