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Thread: ghost town

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    I suggested the monthly giveaway a few years back at one of the training seminars and talked to some of the CG team about different ideas. They had it going for a few months through facebook but then it fizzled off.

    My suggestion....Submit a detail job that you recently completed with pics or vids, followed by your routine and products used. The winner can be community voted upon rather than a lucky draw.
    I just want to make sure I'm reading this correctly. You're saying people submit vids or pics fo their most recent detail and we hold a vote for a monthly winner? It a good idea, we'd just have to figure out the logistics and how we would be able to host it, perhaps announcing the winner live through our Facebook live.

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    Here's how other forums get it "poppin".
    Mystery boxes with a couple of big "prizes."
    Forum user discount codes
    More exciting sales: BOGO, clearances, etc
    Send out samples to forum members for reviews

    I do appreciate that CG doesn't censor the forum. Some forums don't allow mentioning other brands' products.

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    I really like the voting ideal.

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    Mystery Boxes with big prizes

    Wholesale coupons

    More clearance deals

    Samples of new products to loyal customers

    Use less Flakebook and Tweeter social media garbage sites to put out your news and contests exclusively. Or at least post stuff on the forum also for those of us who don't support social media.

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    ghost town

    I would pay for the Gas just for the opportunity to pick that place That Merry Go ROund is highly collectible Just need a white horse and a apple tree to go with it

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    ghost town

    This is a ride I want to go on. A couple of questions, 1 is the rv spots large enough for my 43 ft trailer? 2 are you planning on riding all three days so I can plan. I should know this afternoon if I can go for sure.

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