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Thread: My 2 Rides, Very Different Techniques

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    My 2 Rides, Very Different Techniques

    I thought as a first post I would share my 2 cars that I have detailed using exclusively CG products. I had tried many different products in the past, the 300C here is plastic dipped Coy Orange, with matt black down the centre and on the wheels, and the M235i is just a standard Metallic Black paint, with clear bra.
    These 2 require very different styles when detailing, and I have never found a product superior to CG when working on both of these.
    Photo 2015-04-28, 7 55 23 PM.jpgPhoto 2015-04-29, 1 11 09 PM.jpgM235i.jpg10371939_10153120316960616_69806829837454184_n.jpg10246591_10153120317220616_3379548285698917873_n.jpg

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    Nice work on those, they look great! I'm really like the 300's and yours is very unique. It goes without saying how cool the BMW is

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    Very nice cars, be proud of those!
    '16 Audi SQ5
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    Very sexy cars indeed I really like both of them. I think the new BMW's are really something special. The matte wrap on the Chrysler 300 looks very wicked.

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    My 2 Rides Very Different Techniques

    I bet these will look even better after using them for a while...
    The color is more natural so I think some living would compliment them.

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